Made to Measure

Self-expression is something we should all support fully when it comes to our fashion sense and dress style, that’s why OKgrl is launching an ongoing campaign where everything you wear is made for you, to your size and is uniquely you.

While we roam the hallways of the mall going from one clothing store to the next, we know for a fact that we have no idea what our actual size is. You find that perfect shirt but it doesn’t fit your body the way it’s meant to or the way it looked in the picture from the online store even though you took the “right” size, this is a frustrating tale we have told so many times that we’ve actually just learned to accept it.


The truth about fashion is that there is no such thing as “one size fits all”, there are no two people who are built exactly the same. This proves that we have an outdated sizing system that is not doing us any favors. Its just putting a limit on our ability to express ourselves through fashion, an ability that should be limitless.

By getting to know our customer and creating a profile on them, we are setting a standard in the fashion industry and correcting a wrong that has been going on for way too long, so with your measurements in one hand and your personal style in the other, our mission is to replace the frustrating experience at an everyday retailer with an unforgettable moment when you try something on and it fits perfectly the very first time. That moment is the future of fashion, a moment that shows you that personal is priceless but affordable.

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