"I Gave this Part" to CANSA Campaign

The news

There are few things that can affect an entire family and support system quite like the news that your loved one has cancer, seeing the news bring them to their knees and then seeing the fight bring them to their feet because of the strength and courage they show to fight it. 

The fight

We’ve watched our loved ones stand in the storm of cancer, we’ve felt the fears of standing in the storm ourselves, and we’ve quickly learned what the quote “You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have.” truly means. 

The rest of your life

There is nothing as beautiful as the sigh of relief when you or your loved one makes it out of the storm but on the other side of the spectrum there is nothing as heartbreaking as seeing someone take their last breath because the storm got the upper hand. 

This is why we’re honored to team up with CANSA to help them make a difference in The news, The fight and The rest of your life with a campaign close to our hearts.

To show our daily support to those who are fighting the battle, those who have won the battle, to support early detection and create awareness, we’ve taken an unusual route by creating a T-shirt with a cut-out on the sleeve which shows that you have given a part of your shirt to CANSA.

How it works

For every shirt we sell, we will donate R50 to CANSA

Join the Cause!