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As the home becomes a multipurpose space for resting, working, exercising and socialising, we know that your loungewear to be combine functionality and comfortably, and it will need to be stylish enough for short trips in your neighbourhood.

The uncertainty around the Covid-19 pandemic has forced consumers to slow down and spend more time at home, leading to a prioritisation of comfort and self-care rituals, from cutting your own hair and doing your own facials, going back to having natural nails.

OKgrl Fashion will focus this winter on loungewear, Leisure sleepwear – it is a feeling of still looking good but very comfortable.

The last couple of weeks we have all gone from wearing day pyjamas to night pyjamas.

We want to motivate you to do day dressing with a flair of comfortable stay at home style.

So we suggest you look at our staycation wardrobe ideas.

It is about the comfort and the softness of the fabric against your skin, also the effort of wearing your outfit while working, home schooling or watching a movie must be

Our three must have items for your OKgrl staycation wardrobe when you at home

  1. Cardigan #slounge trend
  2. Hoodie and short – Short sets evolve the loungewear
  3. Jocker pants worn with Cardigan

Dress up to stay home –

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